How to write SEO Friendly Content

How to write SEO Friendly Content? This is most obstacles ever for every new starter of blogging. This post helps those who want to write posts for their blogs to drive traffic and accomplish more readers to read your blog. Just follow the below mention steps and start writing your blog post from today easily.

20 Tips to write
SEO Friendly Content

  1. Include 2000+ Words in your blog post.
  2. First Paragraph your post, before 30 to 35 words, we should add our “keyword”. Just like I added my keyword in the title and also in the first paragraph.
  3. Choose image related to your content, give Alt text
  4. I downloaded above image from Unsplash (Non-Copyright free images) and added text on the image using Photoshop.
  5. After creating my image I found my image consists of 100+ kb, I use tinypng to compress an image without any loss of image quality.
  6. Bold your Keywords (other & related keywords) you can observe my highlighted words make them in Bold as I did in this blog post.
  7. Use H1 tag (Heading 1) before 100 words as I used above after my first paragraph.
  8. Use H2 tag (Heading 2) use for side heading if you started saying some kind of specifications
  9. Use H3 tag (Heading 3) use for subheadings for H2.
  10. Use H4 tag (Heading 4) for subheading’s subheading of H3.
  11. Give Anchor text to your words like if you using any kind of keyword like I do in this post as I given Unsplash and tinypng links in this post.
  12. After 200-300 words give your internal links (own blog links) mentioning “Read, also” which I have given in the bottom of this article.
  13. Also link high domain authority post inside your post, the benefit is another person got a backlink but we will get a chance to grow our Domain Authority also. (I have given Unsplash and Tinypng)
  14. Remind that you should use images accordingly all through the post, it’ll not bore to the readers & also your image should have below 100 KB. (To avoid slow loading)
  15. So I use tinypng to compress my image below 100 kb.
  16. Add Youtube Video inside your post which is related to your topic. (It is not mandatory to use your creation video, you can add others youtube videos too which is related to your post or topic.)
  17. Use SEO YOAST plugin for On-page SEO
  18. Give your “keywords” as a Focus Keyword.
  19. Must include your keywords in Meta Description and also take help of edit snippet.
  20. Focus keywords as I use for this post as “How To Write SEO Friendly Content” and so on…

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