Identify this song through Google Assistant

Identify this song through Google Assistant app is really easy and free now… If you want to know “who sings this song?”

You can identify any kind of song which is adorable when you listen to it, but unfortunately, you don’t know what’s that music album name? Who is the singer of this song? What does that song name?

Right? I happens with every music lover

Then you randomly search for apps which would be get you the result of that song, but you’ll miss out the song, because the song you were listening to unfortunately changed.

Now, Google Assistant App which is default to every smartphone, then open the app, just say “ok google” on your device and even you don’t need to say what song is this, just tap on the mic and you will be done.

Just forget about the app that recognizes a song is playing to shift to google assistant. You’ll find out what song is playing apps to find what song is playing. Now Google has been ended up for all of this kind of apps available in the market.

“Identify this song through Google Assistant”
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Now, Google is smarter enough and personally, I feel that the best music recognition app and recognize this music app would be Google itself.

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After listening to the song, google will detect song name and finds your adorable songs by listening to music online.


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