How To Add BLOG PAGE in WordPress

How To Add BLOG PAGE in WordPress

How To Add BLOG PAGE in WordPress
A Step-by-step process to create your own blog page in WordPress easily and fast. Just follow this video steps and enjoy a specific page for the blog to update your posts under static or dynamic WordPress platform.

Video Tutorial

Detailed instructions given below for readers, if you want to continue reading…

Blog Page Settings in WordPress

  • Go to the dashboard and go under pages and create a new page and name it as “BLOG” and hit publish.
  • Go to appearance and click on Menus under the appearance section.
  • Add the newly created page “BLOG” in the MENU and customize according to your preference and save the menu.
  • Go to settings and click on reading, and select blog page for “Post Page”.
  • Now, whatever you post will be reflected on your Blog page.

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