8 important Points to get full Google Adsense Approval

8 important Points to get full Google Adsense Approval

8 important points to get full Google Adsense Approval to become a Google publisher and earn money from Google Partner Program. This Google Adsense has been executed differently on different platforms now. 

There was two types of Google Adsense account before that is

  • Hosted Account (For Blogger & YouTube)
  • Non-Hosted Account (Websites, Search, Blogger, YouTube & Apps)

Now, Google has been updated with different segmentation as I mention below

  1. Websites,
  2. Search,
  3. Non-Hosted, (Blogger)
  4. Admob(for apps) and
  5. YouTube Host.

If you post multiple articles on Blogger,  that will be your’s Hosted Adsense.
(YouTube Ads formerly a Hosted Adsense, after YouTube updates, Google Adsense creates a separate segment on YouTube Ads which called “YouTube Host” right now.

After, YouTube updates, Google decided to create a separate segment for YouTube Ads which called “YouTube Host” right now. Admob is all about Google Ads on Apps only.

Later we have Website and search, which will falls under Non-Hosted Account.

What is Fully Approved
Google Adsense Account?

Fully approved Google Adsense account is nothing but you can display your Google Adsense Ads not only on your website and search but also you can implement those Adsense on Blogger and also on Apps too.

(Formerly we got YouTube also, but not possible in these days. To enter under YouTube Partner Program, you must complete 4000 hours of watch hours and should gain minimum 1000 Subscribers)

I would like to share some important information on this topic, which is my own case-study and “How I get Adsense approval” myself without taking any help from others.

I hope these points will help you out to get your’s Google Adsense approval by yourself without any support or good-looking any dependence on anyone

Let’s go…

8 important Points to get full Google Adsense Approval
8 important Points to get full Google Adsense Approval

Point #1

  • Content is not only a King but also currency.
  • So keep in mind that blog post should be optimized with unique blog post only.
  • In words must contain 500-600 words, which leads you to determine the topic very clearly.
  • It’ll be awesome if you write 1000 words in your blog post.

Point #2

  • Optimize your blog with unique post with Meta Title and also Description Tag of the post.
  • The meta tags explains and describe what is your content is all about to the crawler bots.
  • It is impossible for Adsense editorial board to check on every single websites or blogs that has applied to acquire Google Adsense approval.
  • So, positively they will use their crawler bots.
  • The crawler bots will scan and check every footprint on your wesite or blog.
  • So, you make sure, you have specifications on these tags with exact and appropriate information on your blog.
  • It is prominent to remind and store in your mind that your Meta Title should between 69 characters (including spaces) and Meta Description should between 156 characters (including spaces).

Point #3

  • There should be 20 unique blog posts is enough, if you wrote 30 unique blog post will be amazing.
  • 3-4 posts in every category that you choosen to fill under.

Point #4

  • Domain age must old at-least 6 months, Countries like China and India, there is such requirement of domain age must be 6 months old. 
  • But some websites get approval having less than 6 months, sometimes within a single month. (Yes, I got approval for clients website within 2 weeks only)
  • Reasons they have uniqueness over the content, content including the images we post.
  • And the posting articles have 500-600 words to describe the particular topic that we selected.

Point #5

  • Blog appearance is the main aspect, means dressing your website, which will gives feel and beautiful look as per the subject was chosen by you. It’ll be called User Experience.
  • Select the appropriate theme or template which looks nice.
  • Because first impression is the best impression, blog design refers an impression of blog how its look.
  • Take care in selection of certain themes and templates, choose good looking header,Content area, sidebar, footer and so on.

Point #6

  • Before going to apply adsense, check your blog statistics on search engine.
  • Simple go to search engine query and just type “site:domainame.com” (in/net/info/org etc…)

Point #7

  • Go to semrush, sign up an account.
  • Check the website errors available with the tool called SEO Audit.
  • Fix the missed errors and done.

SEO Audit in semrush – Read also

Point #8

  • The blog ougth to be free of prohibited content.
  • such as adult, copyrighted, drugs, hacking, weapons and other illegal contents will not be approved.


There is no dependence on visitors to get Adsense approval. Adsense will be approved on blog quality and on the visitors or traffic. Because Adsense moderator will never check for visitor count. But after Adsense approval, if we want to generate revenue we must have enough visitors to our blog otherwise we will get less revenue to earn from our blog.

All the best to you. If anyone gets adsense approval with above point let me know in the comment box below.

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